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The United States of America is a very proud nation, and I understand why. They have amassed some amazing accomplishments. At the same time, there lives a darkness among the people that brings pain and suffering. I want to bring Light to the darkness freeing us from the pain that flows from ignorance. Ignorance lives in the dark; Ignorance is a bully. Full of fear trampling upon the innocent because it doesn’t know any better.

Grasping an understanding of what allows this ignorance to thrive so as to shine a light so bright that we all evolve past these uninformed inclinations and we begin to collectively shine the light on anything that oppresses any member of our society.

I want to fully understand how partnering with this Light has facilitated some of the greatest achievements in human history.

How do we partner with the Light?

What do I mean when I say the Light?

The Light is the loving guiding force that animates every single human being. The Light is the reason for every religion there has ever been. The Light is known by many different names. The Light wants the same thing for all human beings. To understand the Truth of their Reality, which is that even though we all present as separate individual beings, at our core we are all made from the same animating Life Force. As we evolve to that understanding, our world becomes more peaceful, benevolent, loving, kind, compassionate, and sustainable.

Can religions be sustainable? Not as long as they are competing for adherents, followers, devotees, and believers. Do you think the Light cares how one of its creations discovers the Light? When the focus of religions becomes the sharing of the Light with anyone interested while respecting all other religions does religion become sustainable.

The Truth is that we are all One and that Oneness, as it has been utilized throughout the building of the United States, is the reason for all the good that has ever happened to her.


The only subject in this book I feel qualified to write about is the Evolution of Oneness, and that book has already been written many times by many different authors. I was asked to discuss the Evolution of Oneness against the backdrop of the United States and their experiment of Constitutional democracy with their unique founding documents called the Charters of Freedom blazing the trail.

Subsequently, my desire for an academic-level book guided my decision to include many passages quoted verbatim on subjects that fall outside the range of my studied knowledge. Some questioned this decision stating its unorthodox manner; be that as it may…

The passages have been carefully selected and work to elevate the breadth and depth of the desired subject matter. Thereby enlarging and providing examples within a framework that most citizens of the United States are familiar. Creating the opportunity for the Evolution of Oneness to be put on full display for a level of understanding that would encompass all people with a desire to evolve into their best self. Which, by the way, is encoded into the nuclei of our collective DNA.

Please allow the quoted subject matter into the delivery of this book without judgment. For without it, there would be no book nor the sweeping change that may occur as a result of this book. Thank you.

To the authors of these articles, I am honored to present your work as the backbone of a subject that rarely gets center stage. Your work helped to make this book a more developed and believable body of words. We have done our best to cite all of your work correctly. Thank you for your contribution.

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