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You Can Make a Difference!

Join as One Be the Change Allow Love In Get Involved

What Do We Want to Change?

Have you been physically or financially harmed by a corporation prioritizing profits over your safety and well-being? Are you working for a multi-million-dollar company living paycheck to paycheck? There is a plan to demand a workplace that is equitable in pay, peace of mind, safety,
and security and has an inclusive work environment for all citizens.

The complicit corrosive forces now controlling our government have left the American public behind. Our government has only one actual constituent, which is us: We, the People! I want to unify the people and give the government and corporations a wake-up call. Demanding change!

The governing documents for the United States of America have presided over the longest-running democratic type of government in history. Together we can reclaim the liberties embedded in these documents freeing us from the tyranny we now face. Can we put aside our differences, join together, and make it better for all of us?

Getting in touch with the Truth of our Reality will bring us back into the unifying knowledge of our True Power, forging a new bond with the government as our protector and no longer our oppressor. Embracing this Divine Energy Source will bring us back into harmonious accord with
a Benevolent and Loving Creator, making life abundant once again for All!

Would you be willing to come together, organize, and demand change? This book is for you!

About this book

I struggled with the idea of a political book for quite a while… The impulse toward a politically themed book was insistent! Such a big topic; what could I possibly write about? Then it came to me… The current predicament or plight of the middle class in the United States is such a big problem; easy to detail all of the issues, and I noticed that there even was a solution.

The purpose of writing this book is to clear away the noise of the already polluted waters of American politics. We can all agree there is something wrong, and no one will listen! Everyone is talking, and there is no communication; just a lot of angry and annoyed people and a crazy amount of cross-talk that goes nowhere. Nobody is willing to compromise, listen to each other, or respect the power of the majority. Special interest groups spend a lot of time and money getting everyone to believe what they believe, with damning sound bites and rhetoric full of lies intending to sway the majority to their way of thinking. This ‘politics as usual’ is not democratic, nor does it serve the people.


We The People

I was asked to write a book to explain the Evolution of Oneness against the backdrop of the History of the United States. At first, I struggled with the idea. I had quite a few reasons to decline. I am not interested in politics. It is too big of a subject, I am not qualified, and the list continued to grow.

I could feel the fear rising up around me, constricting and binding my very being. Before it got too intense, I asked out loud, “Will you help me? I don’t think I can do this alone.” The answer I received was, “Yes, of course! Whenever I ask you to do something, it is something I want to do with you. For it brings me so much joy to share my Love with you if you will have me.”

The reason to reject melted, and I relaxed into the knowing that I would be Co-Creating a book with Universal Divine Energy. I set up an office space with inspiration photos and an old desktop computer. I researched “Elements of a Book.”

I opened up the Word document creator and selected “New.” I typed “Preface” at the top of the page and started typing. I sat at the computer nearly every day; six months later, I had a manuscript.

My first manuscript was complete, and I was so surprised at what a joy it was to be in that process. I loved it!

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